A Cultural Crossroad


Courtyard of the Süleymaniye Mosque (Istanbul,Turkey)

Art is a common language for World’s cultures and artists serve as transmitters of cultural diversity.  Through their productions, they actively participate to the evolution of communities in which they exist. Regarding Street Art, it is acknowledged as an urban art form and a global art movement, but also a popular phenomenon addressing to the whole society barring no one and specifically aiding youth to feel as an integrant part of the community they live in. For those reasons, Street Art developed into an important element in many cultures around the globe, generating a significant tool for their promotion. Today, in many countries, Street Art is promoted and supported by authorities.

Culture echoes in every aspects of life, forging social identities. Cultural diversity is a precious potential for sustainable and positive development of societies as it shapes new thinking and behaviour patterns, thus, forming a significant source for social regeneration. There is a strong link between World’s cultures and Humanity’s evolution. Consequently, promoting cultural diversity and tolerance among humans appears as an important responsibility for sustainable development and peace.

“A Cultural Crossroad” is a cultural and artistic project planned with the intention to contribute to this mission. Our objective is to bring together World’s cultures through the powerful voice of international street artists, thus encourage diversity. Briefly, the project consists to favor artists visit and participate into different cultures, through their art, expressing their own cultural heritage melted into the local ones.

Suiko – Cat’s Tail (Istanbul,Turkey, 2014)

The project’s goals:

  • Encourage cultural diversity;
  • Introduce diverse cultures to international audiences through art;
  • Educate youth about the significance of traditions and diversity in culture;
  • Enable youth’s creative outlook on traditional heritage;
  • Inspire international artists through local culture;
  • Create awareness on endangered cultural heritages;
  • Encourage the spread and protection of important legacies.

Projects developed and delivered by « Art & Human » can only be accomplished through your donations and support. The project will concentrate on Turkey for the year 2017. To have more informations or contribute bringing to life « A Cultural Crossroad -Turkey », please contact us.